Owner of Market Stalkers & Author of Price Action Trading
Deeyana’s systematic approach relies on various institutional order flow concepts to consistently outperform complex financial products. Her website, Market Stalkers, was born in 2015 when her first YouTube video went semi-viral. Since then, she has been flooded with requests to create a course on trading with order flow concepts systematically. Deeyana is the originator of the now widely-known Q Points concept, which is included in her flagship Blahtech SD indicator. During her time on TopstepTV, Deeyana talks shop with our hosts, trades live, and provides educational value while waiting for great setups to appear.
You can catch Deeyana every Monday & Wednesday, on Fast Markets, from 8:30-10:30 AM CT!

Remove fear. Learn order flow. Stop chasing price. Become a Market Stalker.

Market Stalkers Professional Development

Market Stalkers is an accredited CPD courses provider.

This is a professional trading methodology that relies on a clear-cut, data-driven process using Market Mechanics (aka order flow) strategies. Our mission is to enhance your trading performance by teaching you our evolved order flow concepts.
  • Break free from retail trading strategies
  • Gain a deep contextual awareness of price behavior and orientation areas
  • Learn to use the 4 pillars of the Market Stalkers Method™


You can tune in to hear Deeyana live every Monday and Wednesday on TopstepTV!

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