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Spend the day with our experts as they trade live and discuss what’s happening in the markets. Expect breaking news, tips, community stats, shout-outs to our best performing traders, and special guests. Let’s prepare for the trading day together and crush the markets! We’re live Monday–Friday, 8:00 AM–1:00 PM CT.


Cheer on fellow traders featured in our Topstep Leaderboard Updates and Shout Outs. Show us great trading, and you may hear your name called out by our Coaches! We’ll break down their trades and  reveal the strategies that are taking traders to the top.

Topstep’r Drop-In

Expect the most popular Futures traders in the industry to stop by. You’ll also meet Topstep  Funded Traders, so you can hear about their experience, and learn about how they approach the markets, build trading plans, and a whole hell of a lot more!

Stats Guy

Hear from our Stat Guy on what our traders are doing and how to learn from them. Did you know that winning traders at the Funded Level hold trades for 26 minutes on average? Get stats like this each and every day during the Stat Guy drop in session.


Get the chance to win a free month in the Trading Combine, Resets, gift cards to our Gear Shop, and more during TopQuiz. Take a 15 minute break, have some fun with us, and get the chance to win some great prizes. There will be winners every day!


Join in on the action and get your questions answered live! Our Coaches monitor the YouTube Live Chat during the broadcast so they can take your questions and you can be part of the conversation.


8:00 – 8:25 AM CT

HOSTS: Hoag & Eddie

Start your day with Coach John Hoagland and experts. They’ll discuss important levels, overnight activity, help you learn how to prepare, provide tips on what you should be looking for, and share all of the news that’s moving the markets.


8:30 – 10:45 AM CT

HOSTS: MP, Hoag, and Eddie

Join our Founder, Michael Patak, and guests as they trade live, discuss set-ups, and  strategize on what’s happening in the markets. Get into the minds of professional traders and ask questions live.Tune in and crush the markets with us! 


11:00 – 11:15 AM CT

HOSTS: Jack & Topstep Guest

Tune in each day as we host a live, interactive Top (POP) Quiz. Compete with other traders to reach the podium and win Trading Combine accounts, Resets, gift cards to our Gear Shop, and more! Let’s take a 15 minute break and have some fun!


11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CT

HOSTS: Special Guests

Meet the best of the best in the Futures industry & Topstep Community. During Power Players, we’ll feature experienced traders who will share their journey, answer your questions, and provide tips and lessons you can walk away with.


12:00 PM – 1:00 PM CT

HOST: Performance Coaches

Group Coaching is live every Monday–Thursday from 12–1 PM CT! Our Coaches are here to answer your questions and support you throughout the week. Have a burning question? Send it to .


Get an email every Monday morning with actionable trading levels for five of our most popular trading products directly from Topstep Senior Performance Coach John Hoagland, plus in-depth analyses and reflection from our Coaches. 

Meet your TopstepTV hosts 

Our experts are here to help you build healthier habits and stronger skills so you can become a Topstep Funded Trader®!

Michael Patak

Founder & CEO

Michael started in the live markets at 18 by losing three $30K accounts. After losing, he found the importance of developing his skills in a simulated environment and became a professional prop trader. He then traded his own capital on the top step (yes, that’s where “Topstep” came from) in the CBOT Dow Jones Futures trading pit. Michael has helped thousands of traders learn the safe way to trade while growing the first and #1 prop firm in the industry.

Eddie horn

Senior Performance Coach

Eddie started his career at the CME in 1985 as a runner for Thomson McKinnon Futures. From there, he gained experience in Currencies, working in the pits. Eddie’s advice and direction has given thousands of traders a more straightforward path to better habits, stronger skills, and long-term success, in his 13+ years at Topstep. Watch his Funded Trader interviews and nearly 80 podcasts on YouTube with some of the top names in the industry. 

John HoaglanD

Senior Performance Coach

John has 35+ years of futures trading experience. He traded on the CME floor for 20 years before moving to the screens in 2009. As a member of the Founding Team, he’s developed thousands of traders at Topstep and is passionate about improving individual performance. Check out his educational content and Youtube. You can also catch him in Group Coaching and on TopstepTV’s daily trading broadcast, entertaining traders, seeking context, and finding opportunity.

Jack Pelzer

Executive Producer 

Jack traded for 7 years in the Treasury spreads group at two large Chicago prop firms. He left the industry to pursue his true love, internet content. Holding degrees in economics and business, Jack loves to look at the larger picture in the markets, evaluate trends, and hopefully present them in a somewhat entertaining manner.

Dan Hodgman

Funding Coach

Dan has traded for 15+ years between Chicago prop firms, as well as his personal accounts, while simultaneously serving in the US Marine Corps. As you might guess, he’s big on discipline, and it shows in his coaching philosophy. His focus is on helping traders find Crude Oil opportunities by keeping his approach simple and risk averse.

Robert Cooney

Performance Coach

Robert has been trading & investing since 2002. He began day trading full-time in 2017 with stocks and crypto, switching to futures in 2018. His focus is on intraday, short-term trades on NQ, ES, RTY, and YM. He uses the “Occam’s Razor” approach and even codes custom indicators and automated trading bots.

Mick Ieronimo

Risk Manager

Mick has 20+ years of futures trading experience. After getting his start on the CME floor in Grains, he made the transition to full time discretionary trading on the screen. He also operated as a market maker for a proprietary trading firm, as well as execution for a hedge fund prior to joining Topstep in 2015 as Risk Manager.

Brett Goodwin

Jr. Risk Manager

Brett started professionally trading commodity futures full time in 2008. His primary focus is NYMEX energy futures, where he’s held a membership for 10 years. Brett joined Topstep late last year as a Jr. Risk Manager to watch traders risk levels and provide support and coaching.


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